Friday, 31 January 2020

Looking back on my first month as an expat blogger

I have always been told that time has a sad tendency to really fly on you when you are having a good time or for that matter enjoying yourself in the company with someone you enjoy spending time with. I would say that this has been the case for me this past month. I have been working like 12 – 14 hours workdays, spending time with my lovely family and of course enjoying the first month or as I call it the birth month of my blog. Not that I have published that many posts or articles, but it do seem like it is starting to get some traffic. It's nothing major compared to my more established competition, but just shy of a 1000 visits and that is pretty good in my book.

I have to be completely honest here about one thing, this month my focus hasn't really ben on the promotion part of creating traffic for the blog. For me, it has been more about getting used to the process of creating content of the blog and getting used to the fact that complete strangers read my articles. This has been the part that has worried me the most, you know getting those harsh and rough comments from people that don't like your blog or just want to troll you. Luckily, this hasn't happened to me yet, but it is something I am expecting will happen sooner or later. I believe its something every content creator receives more often than not, am I wrong?

At the same time, there is something I regret. The thing is that I haven't been that active with my “camera” throughout January. Not that I haven't been out and around, but it hasn't felt natural to take photos and videos. This is something that I will be focusing more in the weeks and months ahead, need to get a lot of images that can be used for a different type of articles. Throughout this month, my content focus has been on already written articles for the most part, plus a personal one about the holidays. Next month I want to focus a bit different. The idea is to take you guys out and about. I have been asked to have a new office type of tour article because I am getting the keys to my new office next week!

Anyway, so far my focus has been on just getting used to the idea of having people read my articles, to run my blog daily and create new content. Do feel as I am doing a semi-good job on this part, not that I am in any position to brag. At the same time, I am trying to get my social media profiles up and running as well, because as of now I am active on sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but wish to expand to Youtube as well with time. Besides all of this, I have also been working on my grammar, to the best of my ability. English isn't my native language, Norwegian is and so there is a reason why it isn't perfect, I guess. Because there is absolutely room for improvement when it comes to this!

Anyway, I am now one whole month down the road with my blog, about to publish my sixth article and during this period I have for the most part used Twitter and Facebook to promote it. No, I haven't been spamming links on either of the platforms, because, for the most part, I have shared my links on the day of publishing. At the moment, visits and clicks aren't that important for me. My focus is as mentioned to get used to being that blogger type, with all that comes with it. Basically to get used to keeping my focus on creating good content for potential readers, because my theory is that readers will come if you create good enough content on your blog. I might be wrong, but that's just me!

The thing is that the past month has been a lot of fun for me and I am actually kinda proud of the content that I have created so far. For me, that's all that really matters at this point in time. When it comes to the upcoming month of February, this will be an exciting one for me. This will be a month where I will focus on showing you guys my life here in the city of Huaral. At the same time, in a few days, I will finally get the keys to my dedicated office. It's for the most part intended for my day job, but the blog will get its place too. I have even gotten requests on doing a show run type of article on the big event. I don't know, this might be a good idea? I will do it anyway, I guess.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up. I never intended to write a super long blog post about this topic, just wanted to look back on my first proper blog month and share my thoughts with you guys on my experience so far. It has been fun and I hope that it will continue to be fun for a long time. At least I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, might be something I will do at the end of every month from now on. If not for anything but end the month that we are in and update you guys on what has been and what's coming. Remember you can also check me out on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Would love to see you there as well. So thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and read my article, have a pleasant day!

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