Thursday, 23 January 2020

Now been living here in Peru for about 3,5 years

I am pretty sure that this with time will become my new catch fraze, but it is borderline scary how time seem to be flying these days. Because when I am looking back on the time that I have been living here in Peru as an expat, it doesnt feel at all like 3,5 years but its being comfirmed by just a glance on the calender. I arrived here around July 2016 and we are now are about to turn the page on February 2020. So yes, time has flown fast and I have to say that it feels like yesterday that I walked down the bridge to the awaiting Boeing 747 at the international airport in Manila. Something like 70 hours later I walked out of custom in Lima to meet my awaiting family completely exausted. For once, I didnt get much sleep.

Hmm, 3,5 years has passed, but to be honest it hasnt been just one long joyride either. Actually, it has at times been far from a joyride. The truth is that, the life of an expat can be at times be hard in ways that non-expats doesnt seem to be going through or maybe it has just been me? I am not going to start complaining about how hard life is or how bumpy the ride has been, not at all. The thing is that for me, it has had its many ups and it has had its few downs. For the most part, this has been one hell of a ride to be honest and I wouldnt have wanted to not avoid experiencing any of it. I would say that most of my negative experiences so far has come from the fact that I was ill-prepared from the get to and for good reasons too.

Looks like my post has gotten of to a bumpy start, but the truth is simple. Yes, I did struggle with the language in the beginning, I had some issues adopting and there were some relationship problems, but its nothing I shouldnt have been expecting. The visa problem on the other hand, thats a hole different story. At the same time, when I look back on these 3,5 years living as an expat here in Peru, there are just one thing that pops to mind and this is that it has been one amazing adventure so far. So far, I have had the great pleasure of experiencing most aspects of life here and I can only wonder on whats in store for me in the future. One thing seems to be sure and this is the fact that it looks like there are huge changes in all our lives.

When it comes to the changes that I am talking about, its not something I will be going into super depth on, but there is a wedding in the near future and maybe a family expansion as well, who knows right? The thing is that through these 3,5 years, I have slowly but surely settled in. Started to get more used to talk Spanish, adopted more into the local culture and things even settled more when it comes to my relationship. On top of everything, work and work related things seems to really just be going one way and that is up. Who can really complain about anything when things are going as good as they do right now? Sure, things can take a turn for the worse in the future, but that is something you do your very best to prepare for no matter where you are living.

The only thing that has to get fixed right now is my visa situation, but its not like this is a huge problem or obstical in any shape or form. Its just that we are awaiting the final approval or dismissal, it can go both ways. What has been my problem is how long it has taken to get a result. Its not like I have plans on going anywhere anytime soon so. We also have some larger plans for the future, but this is something that depends on how it goes with my visa application. If it passes, we move on with the plans we have made and if not, we have to look for something else. The good part is that, when its approved, I do not need to stress with this for a very long time and this is something I look at as something positive.

So when I look back at these 3,5 years, for the most part I see good things and it has been a ride that I never could have dreamt up in my wildest dreams. That is why I am always saying, if you are carrying on a dream to throw yourself into the life as an expat, do it. The only advice I can say is that learn from my many mistakes and be better prepared. Start to learn the language before setting out on the adventure, make sure you have a job to come to and work on a local network on friends. All of these things are extremely important for both your short and long term happiness. At the same time, I wouldnt have wanted to miss out on any of my experiences, its what has made my expat life what it is today.

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