Saturday, 21 March 2020

Day 5 in quarantine, not all are doom and gloom

To be honest, I am not sure what to make of this entire curfew situation that we now are in the middle of here in Peru. I have never experienced a situation like this and not sure what to expect in the coming weeks or potentially months. One thing is clear, I don't like it one bit. Just the doom and gloom atmosphere that is hanging over the city creeps me out. When I go outside on the roof to catch a cigarette or just some fresh air I get this apocalyptic feeling, since it's so few people moving around these days and most people are staying indoors, like in hiding. It's just not the city I fell in love with back in 2017, but neither is the situation so!

The worst part right now is the fact that the curfew and quarantine have been extended. On Sunday the president announced a 14-day long curfew, but today it got extended to 90 days. As things weren't bad enough, my Gin-gin vanished a week ago and thanks to the curfew we are not able to go out looking for her either, not sure if I need to say that I am super worried about her. She isn't used to be outdoors and finding food herself. She should be at home being taken care of and getting her special food, not running around somewhere on her own. At the same time, I am not sure how she managed to get out since we live on the fifth floor and the front door is always locked. It doesn't change the fact that she is gone.

The worst part is the fact that I am unable to go out looking for her because she has to be out there somewhere. Either lost and scared or someone has taken her in. Life isn't supposed to be easy and that shows sometimes too. With all of this said, the situation isn't just pure doom and gloom because good things are happening as well. First of all, I am one of the few who has an established home office and a few days ago we got a new member of the Bowler family. We took in another kitten that someone found walking around randomly in the neighbourhood. Some kids brought her to us and we couldn't turn this beautiful cat away. So we named him Thom and welcomed him into our family.

The thing is that we have for the longest time been talking about getting a play friend for Gin-gin since she was an inside cat and had to be missing having a friend or two, just sad she didn't stick around for Thom to come around. Yes, Thom is the kitten in the photo and yes he does kinda look like Gin-gin. The one thing that I am hoping for is that she will find her way home to where she belongs and to her new friend. As said, life isn't always easy and when it rains it pours down on us, but I am staying positive and keep on looking for her from the safety of my home. You know, since I am not allowed to go outside these days. Isn't it weird how your pets become like your best friend as Gin-gin did to me?

Anyway, despite all of this we are doing good. We are starting to get restless, but the important part is that we are healthy and covid-19 free and on top of it, we can watch the craziness of the curfew from our rooftop “kingdom. Most of what we see are police and some random people who break the curfew. There have even been people getting arrested over taking out their trash during the after 8 pm when“hard” curfew get into play. I just don't understand why people can't follow instructions, especially in times like this. Yes, you get bored, restless and all of that, but going to jail for taking out your trash? Its crazy times for sure. Never thought I would see times like this.

The truth is that I am not looking forward to the next 85 days, but as I and my girlfriend were talking about today. We need to go out and buy a PlayStation 4 and a Tv for my office, so we have something to keep our minds occupied when this is getting too much to handle. I am already starting to feel it, never wanted to go out somewhere as much as I do right now and I am the type of guy that never really went anywhere before this. Stayed in my office focusing on work, but now. Not that I am going to risk getting dragged off to jail for something like this, wouldn't be worth it at all. As long as the internet doesn't go down, that would be a disaster for me.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, just wanted to update you guys on my life in quarantine. The post got a bit longer than expected, but I hope you enjoyed the read. At the same time you can always follow me on Twitter (Jack BowlerSr), on Facebook (Jack Bowler Sr) and (Beyond the Horizon), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and you can support my blog through Ko-fi (Jack Bowler Sr). I do not expect you to donate a cup or two, but would at the same time appreciate it if you did. So now that you have read about my covid-19 situation, how is it where you live? Have they implemented a curfew yet?

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