Monday, 16 March 2020

Summer break is over and all the schools stay closed

There are no doubts about it, we are living in a crazy time and it does look like we are heading towards some even crazier days, many thanks to the ongoing covid-19 outbreak. The thing is that when it comes to myself, it's not the virus itself that worries me the most, but the aftermath of it or the expected side-effect if you may. Of course, I am naturally worried about getting sick or infected, but it's not where I see the biggest impact in the long run. Not that I am going to do a deep dive into this, but you can check out my blog post (The worrying aspects of the Covid-19 outbreak). There is no point in repeating myself since there is already an article about this on my blog.

First of all, I wish to apologize because this is a blog post that should have been completed and published on my blog several days ago. Sadly things have continued to get in my way and because of this, it feels like time simply ran off from me. Well, the thing is that last week our summer break ended and our kids returned to school. Something that the entire family has been looking forward to the past couple of weeks or so. You now, returning to our routines, but it wouldn't last for long. Because a week earlier we had our first few cases of the coronavirus in Lima and the government quickly decided to shut down all the schools in the country. So the kids got Monday and Tuesday before the notice came.

I would say to our “disappointment”, but it didn't come as a big surprise. This was a move from the government that I was waiting for, but it came much quicker than I expected. I thought that they would react in the same slow manner as they always do, but it's for the best as I see it. This way they do their best to stop the spread of the virus before it gets out of control. Not that I think it will have any effect in the long run, but at least they are doing something to prevent it and I do prefer to have my family together in a situation like this. I am just wondering what is around the corner for us. Will, there be a nationwide curfew, what about the border or other public services?

I guess that when it comes to this, only time will show. The important detail here is that we are semi-well prepared for anything. We have been stocking up on food, I have my office here at home and we have hired a private teacher for our son, but not sure if we dare to use her. Just in case she might be a silent carrier of the virus without being sick. I know, I might come off as a bit paranoid now, but for me, the focus is on the well being of my loved ones. I do most people right now has the same type of worries or am I the paranoid type? I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, right? That's how I think when it comes this and it's better to have your kids close by in a situation like this anyway.

There is one thing that worries me a bit and that is how fast things has escalated here in Peru. From a few cases one day to a complete shutdown of all schools nationwide. The number of known cases went from a couple of known cases to 79 in just a couple of days. From schools opening after the summer break to a nationwide shutdown in two days. So I am both curious and worried about what is next in line for us. What I think or believe will happen down the line is “soft” curfew, the closing of borders and airports. One thing I am hoping not will happen is seeing the army in the streets. Things are bad enough as it is, but no matter what happens we are more or less prepared for it.

Anyway, I guess its about time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. Just wanted to update you guys on the latest events here in Peru and its happening fast, to be honest. At the same time, I hope it wasn't too messy of a post. Got a lot of things on my mind right now and everything has this nightmarish feeling if you know what I mean? At least I hope you enjoyed my coronavirus rambling and if you did, why not share it with family and friends. At the same time, you can support my work by buying me a cup of coffee on Ko-fi (Jack Bowler Sr). Just remember that you don't have to donate this cup of coffee or two if you don't want to. Only mentioning that you can do it!

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