Monday, 6 April 2020

Day 21 in quarantine, Getting tired of this situation

What can I say besides the fact that I am starting to get sick and tired of the entire lockdown situation that we here in Peru are living under right now? When it was announced, it was meant to last 14 days, then it got extended to 90 days and now been extended with another 14 days. So all in all, we have something like 104 days in a total of this or 83 days left if you like. The thing is that after living like this for 21 days, the situation is starting to get to me, I have named it the quarantine fewer. I know that this doesn't sound so bad. Trust me on this one, I am starting to have sympathy for those who are locked up in prison at this point. I have never wanted to be out and about more than right now when I cant.

The thing is, I am not that guy who is overly social or has the constant need to be out and about, normally. Never had any issues being “locked” up in my office working like 16 hours a day and only resting when I am sleeping or enjoying an hour or two of gaming. Now that we are not allowed to exit our front door, I have all kinda crazy ideas for videos, photos and such, but this has to wait until they lift the curfew in 83 long days. The worrying part is that I am starting to get what I have coined isolation or quarantine fever. I am starting to feel anxious, itchy and having issues sleeping or waking up at normal times. Not sure if this is normal, but I have something called PTSD and its starting to play up.

The worst part is that I and my girlfriend are starting to have silly arguments about really silly things. It can be things like dropping a tiny amount of water on the floor while preparing coffee or not closing the patio door, yes we have a patio here on the roof. For me it was one of many selling points from the landlord, that and my office is more or less next door to the apartment. I guess that this is a luxury we have that many don't have, we have space outside we can move around and enjoy these days. The thing that is worrying me a great deal at the moment is how they are ramping up the intensity or strictness of the lockdown.

Up to now we have or at least one member of the family has been able to move around within set hours (5 am to 8 pm), but now they have changed that to from 5 am to 6 pm and on specific days. Some days for men and some days for females, with a hard lockdown on Sundays. On top of everything, they are now starting to hit down hard on private consumption of alcohol and smoking (even on rooftops). Not sure of the consequences will be like if they catch you doing any of these things, so better not take any chances right? Wouldnt like to end up in jail or prison over a cigarette or a rum and coke, how locked up abroad wouldn't that be?

Another thing that I am reacting on is the police presence, I can't remember ever seeing this much police in the streets and not with this kind of attitude, they do seem extremely tense or aggressive right now. They are also moving in large groups and always with flashing light and sirens on, especially after 6 pm. When the curfew comes into effect they always come in a group of 5 to 10 motorcycles, cars and a tow truck. This isn't the Peru and Huaral I have gotten to know through my years living as an expat here, so it kinda gives me that uneasy feeling when you hear the sirens in the distance. I know, they are only doing their job and it's done to protect you, but it's kinda extreme in many ways.

What kinda worries my is what comes after the virus have done its run around, will they just lift everything and go back to normal or will much of this be the new norm? By experience, I know that politicians don't want to give up the power that they have gained, either through normal elections or crisis like the one we are in the midst of right now. If there is one thing that I am sure about is that the world won't be the same as before the COVID-19 outbreak. I would say especially for us who have travel as a passion and love the expat lifestyle, but also for everyone else. I know, this isn't the typical me, it's just that I see the future bleaker right now. That's the best way for me to explain it.

Okay, most likely when the dust settles after the virus outbreak, things will go back more or less as I am used to. My lovely town will once again come back to life, the noise from the traffic will return and the streets will once again be filled with people and all kind of vehicles. If I am going to be completely honest with you, I miss the noise, busy streets and packed sidewalks. I miss being able to stop and talk to my neighbours or just pass a stranger on the street with a quiet hello. I even miss the loud party music on a weekday after midnight. With other words, I miss my normal life, even those things that I dislike about living here (minus the animal abuse I have talked about).

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, just wanted to update you guys on my life in quarantine. The post got a bit longer than expected, but I hope you enjoyed the read. At the same time you can always follow me on Twitter (Jack Bowler Sr), on Facebook (Jack Bowler Sr) and (Beyond the Horizon), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and you can support my blog through Ko-fi (Jack Bowler Sr). I do not expect you to donate a cup or two, but would at the same time appreciate it if you did. So now that you have read about my COVID-19 situation, how is it where you live? Have they implemented a curfew yet?

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