Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Day 29 in quarantine, a life in isolation can be hard

If I am going to be completely honest with you, at the beginning of this lockdown situation I had no idea at all on what we were heading into. My thought was that it would be a walk in a park, a couple of weeks locked up in my office would be a cakewalk. I wasn't wrong, the first couple of weeks of this went as I thought, I didn't start having an issue with it at all until well into the third week. During the two first weeks, everything felt normal and I did normal things. Focusing on my job, creating new content for my blog and enjoying a rum and coke from time to time. The seriousness of the situation hadn't dawned on me yet and I was hoping it would blow over in the next couple of weeks or so.

It wasn't like I viewed this virus outbreak as less dangerous or anything, because I took it seriously from day 1. Back in late January when stories started to come out of China about a potentially dangerous outbreak! I followed my gut feeling and started to prepare the household for what could be in store for us all down the line. Just that I never thought it would go as far as this, not here in Peru. This is because Peruvians aren't the type of people who usually take things sitting down, but they are for some reason being very complacent at the moment. They are following “orders” even though most are hurting bad financially.

For me its mostly about dealing with the issues of having problems with keeping my focus on something for a longer period, like with my blog. For the past few days I have been trying to focus on a very specific blog post that I want to do, but I haven't gotten any longer than the headline of the project. It has been so much easier to just turn to YouTube or Netflix at times where it's quiet on the work side of things. I have been wanting to get started on my expat story and it has been way harder than I thought, my mind has tended to run away from me. So today, I am forcing myself to work on a blog post project, but it's about my current COVID-19 situation and that's much easier to focus on!

The thing is that right now I do have many plans and not just with my blog and its content, but I am also working on a webshop and potentially a dedicated website for this topic as well. The idea is to build a site where people can find information and tips when it comes to the entire process of becoming an expat. Let's call it an info site for future expats or something in that direction. I have also renewed my domain, so the blog will stick around for another year at least. One thing that is bothering me is the fact that I am unable to go outside and capture more photos that can be used on my blog. Since I am not allowed to go out, I can't take my camera for a walk either. That's why I reuse old photos right now.

I have to say that many good things are happening as well in all of this, for one we are enjoying much cleaner air or less air pollution if you like. Fewer cars are driving around and with that comes less noise pollution as well. Another thing is that there is a tiny theoretical chance for a partial opening up of Peru around the 28th of April. It's only a theoretical chance, but it allowed to hope and dream, not like it looks like it will happen when you look at the COVID-19 statistics for Peru. I strongly doubt it will happen, but it would have been nice. I would love to go out and just enjoy some type of freedom, but most likely we have to wait until this situation blows over.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, just wanted to update you guys on my life in quarantine. The post got a bit longer than expected, but I hope you enjoyed the read. At the same time you can always follow me on Twitter (Jack White), on Facebook (Jack White Sr) and (Beyondthe Horizon), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and you can support my blog through Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). I do not expect you to donate a cup or two, but would at the same time appreciate it if you did. So now that you have read about my COVID-19 situation, how is it where you live? Have they implemented a curfew yet?

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  1. I don't think you're alone in thinking this was going to be a straightforward time that would be of benefit to us. In fact as time goes on it does become more mundane and in turn harder to cope with.

    Take care and I hope this time is over soon x