Wednesday, 6 May 2020

My top 5 Youtube travel and expat vloggers/bloggers

If I am going to be completely honest here then I have to come clean about the fact that I am a big consumer of YouTube content. This has to do with the fact that I spend very little time watching tv and a lot of time working in my office. So when I want to take a break or relax after work or for that matter prepare for work I usually turn to YouTube. For me, that feels more natural and it usually is about travel, expat, politics, history or fishing related topics. I prefer content that can inspire me, make me think and makes me hungry for more if you understand what I mean? So today I wish to share with you guys some of my favourite travel and expat channels on YouTube, I am sure you will love them as I do.

Bald and Bankrupt: This has to be my all-time favourite travel channel on YouTube. I hope you trust me when I say that it doesn't get any better than this guy. He seems to be genuine, honest and tells you exactly what's on his mind at any given time, with a major crush on the old Soviet Union theme. One thing that is unique with this guy is the fact that he seems completely fearless when it comes to what destinations he pics for his videos. I don't want to spoil too much when it comes to the Bald and Bankrupt channel, but his main focus lay on eastern Europe and India, he doesn't go for the most comfortable choices, that's for sure. So check him out and subscribe to his channel, its worth it!

Serpentza: This YouTube channel is one out of two that kinda inspired me to start up my Beyond the Horizon blog with the type of content that I am currently focusing on. Serpentza is originally a guy from South Africa, but have been living in China as an expat for something like 10+ years and create some amazing content. Both on his own and together with his American friend Laowhy86. Both are YouTubers and have something like 5 channels between them and all of them deserve a spot on this list, but it wouldn't be fair would it? So if you want to learn more about Asia and China especially, you should really check out their channels. Anyway, you should really check out Serpentzas channel, worth the effort by far.

TangerineTravels: This channel is more or less a newcomer on my list that I watch more or less daily. The channel is run by this cute American couple that has settled down in Mexico and does seem like focusing mainly on their expat life there. I found their channel a few months ago and have been a fanboy ever since. They do make some amazing, informative more on the fun side type of lighthearted content. That's how I view them at least but trust me on this one. They are absolutely worth checking out and they have visited Peru in more recent time. So I do hope you will check this cute couple out and give them a good chance to entertain you!

Mike Chen: This is one amazing guy who just loves food the same way I do. We love mostly different type of foods, but I would say we agree on things like pasta, pizza and hamburgers, but not so much on the more typical Asian food. He is that guy that travels the world just to eat food and are good at doing it in a fun and lighthearted way. This guy has something like 5 channels with kinda different topics, so he is extremely productive and has a personality that really shines through the computer screen. Because when you have watched his content for a while you kinda feel like you know him personally. Just to mention it, he seems like an a-okay guy and do me a favour, go and check him out!

Indigo Traveller: Okay this guy I have kinda mixed feelings about. It's not that he makes bad content or anything, but its something about his personality that kinda rubs me the wrong way at times. I really do not like to talk bad or negative about anything or the job they do, but at the same time I want to be completely honest in my “reviews” of you know what I mean? His videos, in general, are extremely good and his choice in destinations are pure gold. He goes where I haven't thought about going as a tourist, like Afghanistan, Iran and really scary places like that. He seems like a guy who doesn't get scared easily. He goes where he wants to go, dam the consequences. You should check him out!

This is my official top 5 travel and expat vlogger list of 2020, this might change in the future and if that happens I will update you guys as quickly as I can do so. Who knows, maybe there will be a part to sometime in the future? The thing is that there are so many high-quality YouTube channels when it comes to expat and travel topics that it's hard to just pick 5 if you know what I mean? Anyway, I hope you guys will check these channels out and if you do, let them know who sent you. At the same time, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will stick around for future updates. At the same time, if you enjoyed it, why not share my blog with family and friends on social media?

Gweilo60: I had to do a kinda runner up kinda thing. Gweilo60 is another China expat vlogger. I would say that produces the opposite type of content than Serpentza does. While Serpentza has a more critical look at China, Gweilo60 has more the extreme China-friendly type. It's borderline paid and bought for by the Communist Party of China type of thing. You might see this as a criticism of his work, but it's really not. Sometimes he provokes me with his videos, but at the same time he is there as a counterweight to Serpentza and Laowhy86 and he triggers the fuck you in me. Not that, he makes good and engaging content, but as said its borderline propagandist type. Anyway, you should check him out!


  1. Interesting read. I would also say Bald and Bankrupt is the top. And agree with your statement on the Indigo.
    Have started a vlog also. Check it out if u get a mo.

    1. Thank you, so you are a traveler as well with a vlog channel? Ill check it out, because I love this types of videos. Thank you for the visit