Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Something I have been missing while living in Peru

I would say that it's both amazing and scary at the same time to think about the fact that its today 4 years since I boarded my plane in Oslo heading for Heathrow to spend a day with my best friend and ex-wife (and her new husband). That's a tradition we have that every time I am heading for an adventure I stop for a while in the UK to spend time with them. This time wouldn't be any different before heading to Ilo-Ilo and the Philippines, where I would spend the next 2 months or so before heading out on a new adventure. I would guess that you know what the end destination was (Peru, if you are new to my blog) and here I have stayed ever since.

So with that said and if I had to pick out just one thing that is a typical source for my expat blues (if you ignore the more natural sources like family and friends) it has to be the ability to just go out and enjoy some alone time while fishing at a random spot. Basically, go out, set some crab traps and just sit there throwing my lure while enjoying the peace a and quiet. This was something I usually did from early spring to late fall, depending on the weather of course and always after a stressful day at work. The thing is that I am having a hard time remembering a time or period in my life where this hasn't been an anchor activity in my life. Even as a kid this was a summer break type of activity I used to do with my then vacation friend. It was actually him who got me hooked on this.

Then as now where, when or how were never important, the focus has always been on the experience, the fun and just being outdoors enjoying life. When I was a kid it usually was about a few meters of line, a hook and some bait on a local pier. Okay, this was something that developed into something more sophisticated. As I grew older I started to buy more expensive gear and at one point it also expanded to trapping crabs. The last decade of my life in Norway I dropped the usual ocean type gear and learned to use flyfishing rods instead, just to increase the joy of catching. Not that I always kept what I caught. Sometimes or more often than not I went for the catch and release style of fishing.

The catch and release part of it kinda died out as when I started setting traps for crabs since I needed bait for them. The natural bait for such traps is like fishheads, smaller fish and stuff like that. Usually, I sat the trap at the end of the trip and pulled them up the next day after work or at the beginning of that day's adventure. Actually, I am sitting here having a big silly smile just thinking about it. For me its a collection of some amazing memories and at the same time I wish to include my own son in this, one way or the other. That's why it's so sad that I left my old gear back home and that I haven't been able to replace it so far in my stay here in Peru.

The honest truth is that I haven't been able to find a local store that sells what I am used to and my finances hasn't been strong enough to buy expensive equipment online. This has kinda changed in many ways and at the same time, I am sick and tired of being unable to just escape everything and enjoy some peace and quiet. I want to be able to make that escape and share it with my son, in a way that I teach him the ropes of the game. Fishing isn't a science, not when you are doing it as a hobby. Its basically just throwing that lure as far as you can and make the right movements with the rod so you attract the attention of nearby fish. The “science” lays with not getting the lure stuck.

Of course, I could always have gone out with just a bamboo rod and some line, but the issue with where I live is that it's so far from the shore or the ocean, like 30 to 45 minutes away and a distance like this kinda kills the mood when it comes to fishing. I am like that guy who can go onto a pier just to make a few throws and just sit there the rest of the time enjoying my surroundings or talking with the people that is around me. At the same time, I am not picky about where I go to get my fishing done either. It can be an innercity type of thing or way out in the ocean on a boat. It all depends on what I wish to get out of it. If I look for something to eat I go somewhere clean, but if it's just for fishing it doesn't matter.

So what I need to do is doing some research on some okay type of spots for fishing because the truth is that I am “pregnant” with a new project. It's not a big deal or a thing for that matter. I want to turn my passion for fishing into something that I can entertain people with. So the past few days I have been playing around with the idea about a website and a YouTube channel where the channel is for videos of my fishing and the website as a mix between a blog and a webshop type of thing. I know, how original right? It's not like the internet and YouTube has a million of these from before, but its something I want to try and see where it leads me. I have not done this before so, maybe it will be just a hobby project in the end.

I kinda got derailed here, but the point is that for the last four years or so I have been dreaming about taking my son out for some fishing and now that he is old enough (10 years this September) its time for me to get things into a higher gear. Get my hands on the equipment I need and not just sit around feeling sorry for myself for not being able to go out on these fishing trips. Take breaks from work and spend it outdoors with my family, but the lockdown has to end before this is possible anyway. Anyone else who thinks this is a good idea? Not sure how my son feels about it right now, but as I see it, catching your own food is something everyone should know how to do, that's how I see it.

Not quite sure where I wanted to go with this now, but I guess it's my way of saying that the ONE thing I have really been missing while living out my expat dream here in Peru is the freedom to just go out and enjoy some alone time with my fishing rod and my surroundings day as night! At the same time my thoughts and dreams about getting back “in the ring” with maybe my absolute biggest passion, even bigger than my love for travel. Just by thinking about going out on a fishing trip gets me all pumped up and excited. It doesn't make it any less exciting with the new projects that I am now kinda working on, but the important part here is getting back “in the ring”.


  1. that is the best ting to do in a summer night, fishing and relaxing 💖

    1. Nothing like it, maybe havea bbq going and of course some strong coffee